Nutrition - More than Just Healthy Eating

Photo by Paulina Ramis

Photo by Paulina Ramis

I’m Tracey Reed.  I’m a Calgary-based holistic nutritional consultant, GAPS certified practitioner, Clinical Excellence Award 2018 recipient and instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I believe gut health is the #1 factor contributing to chronic health conditions.  I believe in the power of food as medicine.  And I believe you can reclaim your health.  I provide professional nutrition services for people who want to gain control of their health.  Maybe you’ve read or heard about gut health, or about our gut microbiome.  I specialize in helping people to use diet to restore their gut health as a contributing factor to neurological, autoimmune and digestive conditions.  I also have a unique interest in supporting brain plasticity through nutrition to help people get the most out of plasticity-based therapies.

Maybe it's time you started addressing gut health as a contributing factor to your health condition.
Maybe you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS, stroke or spinal cord injury
Maybe you have a child with autism, ADHD, delays or a learning disorder.
Maybe you have psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or another autoimmune condition.
Maybe you have been diagnosed with celiac, Crohn’s, colitis or IBS.
Maybe medical treatments haven't worked for you, and you are looking for an alternative.
Or maybe you’ve been told you have leaky gut.

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Is it time for you to take back your health?

Wondering if I can help you?  You are already here, which means you are searching.  Keep reading or contact me to see if I'm the right person to help you.

Dear Tracey,
I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me.  When I first saw you, I felt hopeless about the autoimmune disorder that I have.  Sarcoidosis.  For years the specialists told me that they don’t know why people have this condition and that the only help for it is prednisone or similar type drugs which may or may not help manage the symptoms (and come with a long list of potential side effects).  What I learned from you about gut health and our autoimmune system made complete sense.  After just a couple of months of a revamped way of eating, my lungs, joints and eyes were all remarkably improved.  My ophthalmologist couldn’t believe it!  But I could.  Along with these improvements, I also felt so much better in general.   I had more energy and had lost a significant amount of weight.  And not once have I felt deprived or felt like I was on a “diet”.   It’s been 7 months now.  I continue to tell everyone about you because of your knowledge and compassion and how much better I am.  Thank you very much.
— Suzanne B.
Hi Tracey,
When my wife booked an appointment with you, I was hopeful that you could help her.  But I had no idea that it would also help me.  To support my wife, I followed the same program that you gave her.   It didn’t take long to see big differences in my own health.  More energy.  Better attitude.  The extra 20 pounds I couldn’t shake before have disappeared.    I love eating this way because it’s all delicious and satisfying.
— Blaine S.