Love or hate math?

I always liked math when I was in high school, but have little application for it now.  I liked that it had rules that needed to be applied, and as long as you followed the rules you got the right answer.

But you don't need to like math for mathematical meals to make sense.  Making meals can sometimes be challenging, but by applying some simple math concepts you can have a framework to start creating meals from.  The basic concept to creating meals is to have some simple formulas or equations to follow.  Once you find an equation that works for you, then you can use it as a starting point for meal creation.  If you are like me and have a vague shopping list with general items like "vegetables", or "meat", then these equations can also be helpful when you are grocery shopping because it can provide a rough framework for quantities of items to buy.

Peaches with pea shoots is one of my favourites.

Peaches with pea shoots is one of my favourites.

Here are my top 5 Mathematical Meals

2 cups greens + 2 cups berries + 1 tbsp coconut or MCT oil = smoothie

dark leafy greens + grated or chopped colourful veggies + olive oil/apple cider vinegar = salad

I love eggs and am grateful that I tolerate them, because I know many people don't.  They provide a quick, nutrient dense meal that is fast to create.  Here's my favourite egg equation.
2-3 eggs fried in animal fat + 2-3 cups leafy greens drizzled in olive oil + cultured vegetables = egg dish

My animal protein in these Squash Pizzas comes from an aged cheese.

My animal protein in these Squash Pizzas comes from an aged cheese.

3 cups chopped vegetables + 1 cup ground meat + enough homemade meat stock to cover ingredients = soup

pasture raised meat + vegetables roasted in animal fat + salad = dinner

Basic Starter Formula

Not all of my equations follow this formula, but this is my starting point for any meal.

3/4 vegetables or fruit + 1/4 protein + fat = gut-healthy, paleo meal

These formulas are simple, which is why they work.  Meals don't have to be complicated to provide you with the nutrients you need and the variety you crave.  Finding equations that work for you might take a couple of tries, but they can take a lot of the stress out of meal preparation.  Once you have a formula you like you can plug any foods into the equation.  Just like in math where following the rules gives you the right answer, following meal equations will result in wholesome, satisfying meals.

Which mathematical meal do you want to try?
What are some equations that have worked for you?

Happy, Healthy Cooking!