Do you start each year by making a resolution?  I've never really been a New Year's resolution kind of person.  My approach has always been more of an anytime resolution.   If the idea strikes me to take on something new, or make a change then I do it right away.  I tend to just jump in (sometimes to my detriment). 

But having said that, I think making resolutions can be an important tradition, and a time for reflection.  It allows you to reflect on all the positive things that have happened in the last year, and to hopefully reflect on what you learned from the experiences that challenged you.  It allows you to assess the progress you have made in attaining your goals, and to reassess if it is worthwhile to continue to pursue those same goals, or to decide if they need to be changed or adapted.


2016 was a great year for me as a nutritional consultant.  I was able to fulfill a dream of becoming an instructor to students wanting to enter my profession.  My practice continued to be rewarding and provide me with further insights into helping people.  My clients inspired me, and taught me, and it was a privilege to be witness to people who have such a strong desire to improve themselves.

2016 also had it's struggles for me.  My youngest son is severely delayed, and parenting him is my greatest challenge.  I finally realized I needed help to address the emotional issues surrounding how I felt about parenting him, so 2017 will be about getting that help to address those issues, and moving forward in a  more positive and constructive way.

My goals of helping people to use food to regain their health, and to inspire students to do the same will continue for the coming year, but I have a new goal to work through emotional issues and hopefully come away with new coping mechanisms and strategies.  

What were some of the positive experiences of 2016 for you?
What were some challenges you overcame?
Do you have new goals for 2017?

Happy, Healthy Making Resolutions!