When I work with clients I often end up working directly or indirectly with their doctors.  Sometimes we'll be on conference calls together, sometimes a write a letter and other times my client just communicates information back and forth between their different practitioners.

Have you ever wondered what doctors your nutritionist uses?  Food is my first choice of medicine, so this is actually an interesting question (I think).  Food is a long-term strategy that works for chronic health conditions, but the support of other practitioners is a valuable addition.  The more, the merrier.  

Here are the practitioners I use in order of importance (but they are in this order based on MY health concerns and those of my family).
1.  Naturopathic doctor - I keep my naturopathic doctor on his toes.  I always go in with questions, and he teases me about how I make him do his homework.  The modalities that NDs use are typically very aligned with what I do.  Mostly I use my ND for testing I want done, that can't be done by Calgary Lab Services.  This includes things like a Comprehensive Stool Analysis, SIBO testing, or a Urine Element Analysis testing for heavy metals toxicity.  These are also the kinds of tests I would typically refer a client to an ND for.  I also use my ND for dosing of supplements.  As a nutritionist I'm legally only qualified to make a recommendation based on the instructions on a bottle.  If I think that I (or one of my kids) would benefit from a therapeutic dose, then I consult my ND.  I also like to use Breast Thermology as my choice of a breast health test, so my ND is the one who goes over the results with me.

2.  GP - I have a family doctor that I don't use much and I don't take the kids to often (in fact they called to find out if my kids were still patients), but that I still find invaluable.  If I don't understand what can be causing symptoms, then I like to go chat with him to sort that out.  If x-rays or MRI are needed, he's the guy I go to.  I go every once-in-a-while for a physical that includes routine blood work and a Pap test.  Seeing a doctor is the most affordable and easiest way to get a diagnosis.  If specialists are needed, then you also have to go through a doctor to get the needed referrals.  I've had a few referrals that were enlightening and beneficial.  A referral to a gynaecologist led to the weird and wonderful knowledge that I have a double uterus, and more recently a referral to a hand specialist led to rapid pain relief when he drained the fluid from a ganglion cyst in my right hand.  (Probably more information that you need to know.)

3.  Osteopath/Laser Treatments - If I have a sprain, tear or injury then I have a practitioner that I like for the combination of osteopathy, and Laser treatments he offers (he has a list of credentials behind his name that includes more than just these two modalities).  The Laser treatments use photon light that is non-invasive and stimulates the body's own healing, so I find it incredibly useful for when I have injured myself.  He also checks that my structural alignment is good and makes adjustments so that the injured area can heal correctly, and so I don't injure myself again based on the same muscle patterns.

4.  Acupuncture - A very recent addition for me is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner that I am getting acupuncture with.  He maybe shouldn't be at #4, but it's too early to tell.  Two areas of pain that no other practitioner has been able to get rid of are gone.  YAY!

So that's basically my list.  I have used various chiropractors from time to time, but usually with only short-term success.  I think the 4 practitioners listed above represent my go-to list.  Your list might be completely different.  As a gut-health specialist my ND and TCM doctors understand my approach the best, so if restoring your gut is part of your journey to wellness, then that is something to keep in mind.  I think I have most of the LaserHealth staff thinking about gut health by now, and there are gut related conditions that their work is ideally suited for.  As for my GP, he's open and he knows I don't want to use pharmaceuticals.  Sometimes he'll even ask, "what do you want from me?"  and I answer "I just want to talk this through and get your opinion."  I realize I'm not his usual patient.

There are so many different practitioners available.  Sometimes you have to shop around to find the right ones for you, and sometimes you have to try different modalities until you find one that your body responds to.  I hope a look into the types of practitioners I use helps you on your journey to finding your practitioners. 

Happy, Healthy Searching!