You have an appointment to get the help you need.  But it's going to take 30 minutes each way to get there and back.  The roads are icy, so that might slow you down.  Then you have to find parking.  You are missing valuable work time.  Or maybe you had to get a babysitter, or are dragging your kids along.  When you get there, you get to sit in a waiting room with sick people, and wait... and wait...  Sound familiar?

It can be challenging and time consuming to set up appointments, get to them and often be faced with delays in the practitioner's schedule once you arrive.  Once you have made the decision to prioritize your health, the stress of navigating appointments can be a significant obstacle in you being able to access the help and resources you need.  

New Solutions

Increasingly health practitioners are setting up appointments via phone, Skype, Zoom or other platforms that allow you to get the help you need from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

For hands-on therapies, this approach obviously doesn't work, but increasingly practitioners such as functional doctors, nutritional consultants, and psychologists are moving in this direction.

Benefits To You

  • You don't waste time commuting and can avoid stressors such as traffic and road conditions.
  • You don't have to stress about finding or paying for parking.
  • You can schedule an appointment during your lunch break, or during your kid's nap.
  • You can be in a setting that is familiar and comfortable.
  • If you are at home, you can be in your pjs, or only dressed from the waist up, and only you will know.
  • Your practitioner gets a view into your world.  
  • You gain access to a broader range of practitioners.  You can consult with a practitioner in another city if you feel that person can meet your needs better than someone locally.

Benefits To Your Practitioner

I love being face to face in a room with clients, and when I started my practice I didn't want to consult with people over Skype or phone, but I quickly changed my mind when people outside of Calgary started contacting me.  It was important to me to be able to shake someone's hand when I first met them, or hug them when they needed it, or pass them a tissue when they started to cry.  I place a high value on just being with someone, but I soon realized that if people were seeking my help from outside of Calgary, I could hardly ask them to come to Calgary for a single appointment, nor could I deny them the help they were asking for.  Luckily for me, there were benefits on my end as well.

Many of the benefits I experience are the same as for you.  

  • I don't have to stress about traffic, parking or road conditions.  
  • I can wear a nice blouse, but be barefoot and in pj pants if I want.  
  • My stress is reduced on the days that I schedule clients from home verses going to the clinic, and since I'm often making recommendations to my clients to reduce or manage stress, being able to find a way to actually practice what I preach is important to me.
  • When I Skype with people, I often get a glimpse into their homes, which can provide me with important information (especially those busy parents who don't acknowledge their stress).
  • I get to work with people from all over Canada.
  • If a client gets sick and is unable to attend, I can throw a load of laundry in the machine, or do any number of 'mom' duties.

I love being able to offer both face-to-face and distance consultations.  In today's changing world you have choices in the kinds of practitioners you see, and how you see them.

What practitioners have you consulted outside of a clinical setting?  What was  your experience?
If you have a practitioner you want to work with, and can't find the time, try asking if they'll consult with you in a format that accommodates you.

Happy, Healthy appointment making!