Ever made a dash out the door without your Paleo grub and not been able to find good food?  Ever been in an airport searching for something Paleo to eat?  Ever wonder how to survive a gut-healthy, Paleo style of eating on the go?

I just returned from a ski trip to Idaho, and it was a reminder of how far behind the Canadian market is in supplying Paleo foods that are easy and convenient.  I was in a small town called Ketchum, and was pleasantly surprised to be able to get Paleo granola, and crackers at its local grocery store.   It was so nice to be able to buy these without making a special trip.  I had anticipated having to travel into a larger town that had a health food store.  It was such a relief not to have to do that.

Sometimes it's frustrating and time consuming to manage a Paleo, gut-healthy diet, but here are a few things I do to make it easier:

1.  Jugo Juice - a kale smoothie from Jugo Juice is a great on-the-go option.  On this trip I was thrilled to enter the new terminal at the Calgary airport and find a Jugo Juice open in the early morning hours.  I don't like cold drinks, so I ask them to make it without ice.  It's still cold, but not brain-freeze cold.  If you have a juice or smoothie bar near your work or home that uses fresh, organic ingredients, even better.

2.  Paleo baking - having some almond or coconut flour muffins made and in your freezer is a great on-the-go snack to have handy.  Whether you didn't have time for breakfast, need an instant lunch to pack, or just need a snack to can take along with you, muffins will have you covered.  I like to make unsweetened varieties that can be made into a sandwich.  Baked goods are never an issue going through customs at airports, so for this trip my carry-on bag was full of muffins to supply us with breakfast on the plane.

3.  Seaweed Snax - the package says 'Strangely Addictive!', and indeed they are.  If you miss the crunch of a potato chip, or like a salty, crispy snack, then Seaweed Snax are a good option.  Seaweed is a great source of trace minerals, and I like that this brand uses olive oil.  These get gobbled up in our household in packed school lunches and as snacks.

Take some time this weekend to make a batch of Paleo muffins.  
What is your favourite grab-and-go Paleo food?

Happy, Healthy Eating!