Okay, I’ll start by confessing that I’m not actually recommending you eat Shamrocks. But it just so happens that one of my very favourite foods looks like Shamrocks. I absolutely LOVE pea shoots, and if you look at the image, you’ll see they aren’t that different from a Shamrock. They are tender with a subtle sweetness to them that makes them a great addition to many dishes. This nutrient-dense, little shoot also happens to contain an enzyme called Diamine Oxidase (DAO), which help to break down histamines in your GI tract (a topic for another time). I like these so much that I eat them almost daily, so today I’d like to share some great ways to add these to your diet - just in time for a Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day meal.

There are a variety of growers in Calgary. These are from Shirley’s Greenhouse.

There are a variety of growers in Calgary. These are from Shirley’s Greenhouse.

I add these to all kinds of dishes, so let me share some of my favourites with you.

Since these are a bit sweet they make a great addition to any smoothie. In the summer I love these with fresh peaches or nectarines, and in the winter I buy frozen mango and add my pea shoots. The colour combination of the orange flesh from these fruits with the pea shoots is beautiful.


As a Burger Base
There are a lot of great ways to eat a bunless burger, but my favourite is on a bed of pea shoots. I just lay a bunch down on a plate, drizzle a bit of olive oil over them, put my hamburger patty on top, and then add my favourite toppings.


I also love doing the same thing with eggs as I do with the burger - instead of the burger, I lay two fried eggs on the bed of pea shoots! It’s a favourite breakfast of mine.

Simple Salad
It’s so easy to just add your favourite dressing to these delicate greens for a quick side-salad to any meal. Pea shoots are a great way to break the monotony of green salads.

goose fat cooking.jpg

So use your imagination this St. Patrick’s Day to add a wee bit of luck from the Shamrock. You can find pea shoots at many of our local health food stores and farmers’ markets.

Happy, Healthy Eating!