Nutrition Assessment & Recommendations

$145 - Initial 90 minute consult
$120 - 60 minute follow-up consult
$60 - 30 minute follow-up consult
$175 - 90 minute follow-up consult that includes a microbiome mapping


How the Nutrition Services Work: 

VISIT 1:  This visit is about collecting information from you.  We discuss your main health concerns, and you walk away with recommendations on foods to add to your diet with the main goal of adding nutrient density to feed you and your microbiome.  You also leave with 3 days of meal ideas.

VISIT 2:  How are the recommendations from the first visit going?  If you struggled with anything, you will leave with the tools to help you.  How is your gut health?  Some new and more specific recommendations are given this time focusing specifically on fixing leaky gut.

VISIT 3:  Similarly to visit 2, we monitor how things are going.  We might customize things further based on your diagnosis and health goals.  If dietary changes are going well, then other aspects of your wellness will now be introduced.  We also decide if any more visits are needed.  Are you ready to move forward on your own, or do you still need some support and guidance?  We move at a pace that suits you.

Moving Forward:  Do you need more visits or are there other resources you need?  Typically I will only see you between 2-4 times, but I'm always available for  ongoing support.

What You Can Achieve With Good Nutrition: 

  • reduce symptoms of an existing condition.

  • help reduce side effects and nutritional deficiencies of pharmaceuticals.

  • increase your wellness and longevity.

  • support your body to function optimally.

  • aid recovery from surgery or illness.

  • weight gain or loss.

  • improve mood and energy.

  • reduce systemic inflammation.

  • detoxify