Gut & Digestive Issues

It is my pleasure to spend a few minutes to briefly outline my experiences with Tracey Reed Nutritional Consultant. As I have walked and continue to walk the journey to wellness, I have been very impressed with the wealth and depth of Tracey’s knowledge. She is extremely well trained and is eager to share the latest cutting edge articles and information pertaining to her field. My work with her has far surpassed my work with other nutritionists and even a registered dietitian. She has led me to various medical practitioners and has professional links to health professionals all over the country.
— T. F.
The last couple of years I have had stomach upset, heartburn, weight gain and other digestive issues. I had been to a couple of different nutritionists but still was not feeling 100%. Went to my traditional doctor and was told to take antacids. My experience with Tracey was not like my experiences with the nutritionists or my doctor. Tracey dug in to my childhood and noted things that I wouldn’t have ever thought of. After being tested for food sensitivities and answering a ton of questions, Tracey suggested a nutrition plan for me. My stomach upset is gone, heartburn is WAY less frequent, have lost some weight, eczema is almost gone and in general, feel much better. I am sure my gut will continue to heal as time goes on, thanks to Tracey!! Her passion for what she does shines through. I am so grateful for her guidance and will keep working with her to better my health in the future.
— S. L.
Tracey has been a valued part of my health care professional team. She is very knowledgeable about specific conditions as well as, the body pathways and processes. She customizes her approach and dietary program after a thorough history review and goes out of her way to send tailored relevant information when she feels appropriate.
Tracey stays current with new developments in her field and shares information, recipes and local events to the community through her Facebook blog. She is very approachable outside the appointment so you don’t feel like you’re on your health journey alone. I feel I can truly depend on her.
— S. B. Calgary, AB
Before meeting Tracey, I had hit an all time low with my health. For reasons I did not yet understand, I had begun to experience allergic reactions to food that I was accustomed to eating, and multiple doctors and specialists were unable to explain why. I began researching the importance of gut health, came across Tracey’s website, and quickly set up an appointment.

I remember that first meeting with Tracey as a turning point in my journey to regaining my health. She had a clear understanding of what had gone wrong in my gut and was confident in my ability to use natural nutrition and supplements to heal. Through her undeniable depth of knowledge, she gave me understanding of my own body. More importantly, she gave me hope. I will forever be grateful.

We have had several conversations since our first meeting and each time I am struck by Tracey’s extensive knowledge of gut health and nutrition, and by her passion to share her findings with her clients. I can say with certainty that I have not been an easy client, yet Tracey has worked to think outside the box, referring me to an amazing naturopathic doctor, finding farmers who grow specific foods, researching my condition, and sharing articles that have helped me to gain a strong handle on my wellness. I’m sure that her over-and-above support extends to all of her clients. It is clear that she lives and breathes natural nutrition and that she has found her true purpose in helping others to flourish physically, and therefore emotionally.

To my friends and family, I refer to Tracey as a “gift,” as she truly helped me to regain my health when I wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to. Because of Tracey’s support and dedication, I have been able to return to work and have been living life fully. Like I said, I, along with my family, will forever be grateful.
— S. B.
Tracey has helped us to achieve a better quality of life that we were looking for. Through her wide knowledge, we’ve learned that we could nurture and heal our bodies consuming real food, and to avoid developing health problems by taking good care of our gut.
She is a great professional and we’re very happy having her in our lives. She has helped me when I was dealing with some digestive problems, which had been giving me a lot of discomfort, stress, low energy and anxiety by showing me protocols to restore my leaky gut.
She’s helped us tremendously when, as first time parents, we faced the “introducing solids time” with our precious baby daughter. Our daughter is almost 2 now, and thankfully, she has always been in good health and we’re sure that nutrition plays a role in her condition. With Tracey’s advice we could give our daughter the best food she could have, and also when we did face some adversities as parents, Tracey was able to send us to very qualified professionals.
We believe the expertise and excellence that comes from her work and dedication to holistic nutrition makes a good difference in people’s lives.
— A. D.
Food fads come & go but gut health is forever!
As a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & a Wholistic therapist – I have been required to study diet quite a bit. As someone with a food allergy I have always needed to be careful about my own diet. One of the factors that is consistent throughout my investigations has been just how individualized dietary recommendations need to be. However, I’ve never been very good at following my own advice & so, over the years I’ve consulted with many “experts” about what a person ought or ought not to eat to achieve healthy digestive function.
Last year I visited Tracey Reed.
I was struck with how passionate Tracey is to educate her clients about their gut health.
Often when I’ve had a consultation with a dietary expert I’d leave feeling somewhat deflated. I have a long list of “forbidden foods” but no real idea of what to actually eat to make improvements. Sometimes I’d leave the expert’s office with a very expensive list of supplements to take but still not a lot of advice of what to eat.
Tracey spent the time to explain some of the issues she felt were relevant to my digestive health. She gave me graphics & simple explanations of gut microbiota & principles of gut health that made sense to me. She provided me with basic meal guides & easy to make recipes. Everything she suggested to improve the health of my digestive system could be sourced locally & relatively inexpensively. I left feeling inspired & even excited to swap some of my questionable habits for some of her suggested alternatives.
Several weeks after my visit with Tracey, I had my blood work run by my GP. The results came back indicating that positive changes were definitely (& measurably) being made to my overall health - the only changes I’d made were the ones Tracey had suggested.
Thank you so much Tracey!
— H. A.
I highly recommend Tracey’s services to anyone needing help with nutrition, gut health or even skin issues. I contacted Tracey in search of an alternative to treating chronic perioral dermatitis as I was unhappy with the prognosis and prescriptions the dermatology world gave me. After 1 year of working with her my skin condition is under control, but more importantly, I’ve learned so much about myself the healing has gone much deeper than dermatitis. I have a better understanding of what is really going on in my system. I have a relationship with it now that I’ve never had before. I understand what my system needs for health and wellbeing and how to maintain good function, and the confidence I have in my body’s ability to heal when give the right resources has been reaffirmed.
Not only is Tracey very knowledgeable and well read in her field, I find her warm and relatable. She teaches from her own experiences and it feels like she really understands the challenges I’m facing because she has been there. The tools that she provides makes the process easy to follow and she is generous with her time in session and answering emails of questions. I get excited when I receive a blog notice from her as there is always something in each post that is uplifting or though provoking and continues to support my own process.
— A. D. Wetaskiwin, AB

Brain Disorders

I recently had the pleasure of attending some Wellness and Nutritional sessions with Tracey at a clinic in Calgary. I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and I am changing up my lifestyle and diet to help me manage this diagnosis. The knowledge that Tracey passed along was invaluable. I was able to implement many of the dietary suggestions she made to us and they have really helped me on the road to living a life filled with nourishment and health. She also made some wonderful suggestions for some supplementation which would help me on this path. Tracey was wonderful, she made the sessions easy to understand, went through everything to ensure that we all understood and answered all of our questions. She was approachable and had a great sense of humour. I loved the fact that she never suggested a supplement or a dietary choice without first trying it herself so she really did know what she was talking about. Thank you so much Tracey for what you have given to me, you have made me more confident that I will not only be able to manage this diagnosis, but I will be able to thrive!
— S. K.
After struggling with depression and anxiety attacks I felt lost and hopeless, and I didn’t want to take heavy drugs. I couldn’t eat and lost 6 pounds in just 2 months, which is a lot for someone petite.
Tracey changed my diet 100%, and in 3 weeks I could sleep well and the other symptoms started diminishing. In about 3 months I started to feel myself again and I gained my weight back. I’m so thankful to her expertise.
— A. S.

Autoimmune Conditions

I have been a diabetic (type 1) for over 40 years. I have been looking for ways to change my way of eating and increase my overall health. I was introduced to Tracey Reed where I do Physio at Synaptic Health. For six weeks, every Wednesday, I would meet with Tracey. In that 6 weeks she provided websites, recipes, vitamin supplements, and reading material to keep me knowledgeable. I have slowly removed cereals and breads (wheat and grains) from my diet, and increased my vegetable and fruit. I have more knowledge with understanding how to shop.
To this date I feel my new way of slowly changing my diet has helped me with stress, bowel movements, and I’m a lot happier with myself. I look forward to keeping up on the reading material and trying the recipes Trace gave out, and sharing the information with family and friends.
I am very grateful for meeting Tracey Reed, and appreciate all of the her time and information. Tracey has great PR and is very well educated, and her knowledge will be very helpful to others like me.
— J. W.
Tracey has given me the direction and resources to help improve my nutrition mindfully and simply; I consult with her on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves myself, my husband, or my kids. Tracey is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, which plays a key role in the symptoms of my diagnoses of multiple sclerosis.
— S. K.
It has been over 2 years since my first appointment with you regarding sarcoidosis. I’d like to do a recap for you. I was feeling very hopeless back then. More and more parts of my body were being affected by this autoimmune disorder and the only medical treatment offered by my specialist was prednisone. The talk you gave where I work was so enlightening! You explained clearly how changing the way I eat could help me. Within weeks of my first appointment with you and following your advice, I was already starting to feel better. And within a few months, I had no more sarcoidosis symptoms. Within a year, I also lost 30 pounds and didn’t experience any seasonal allergies as I had for 56 years. Amazing.

I’d also like to thank you for your lack of judgement and continued support during the time when I struggled to maintain my diet plan. Maybe I was feeling so good that I forgot just how bad I felt before? Maybe I had to prove to myself that it really was the nutritional changes that made me feel so good? Well, I proved it and am back to following your advice. What you say makes sense and it works.
— S. B.
To Whom It May Concern:
While dealing with diagnosed hypothyroidism and Celiac Disease (and finding support from the provincial health system lacking) I commenced visits with a Naturopathic doctor.
Upon determining the likelihood of Leaky Gut Syndrome I decided to obtain the services of a holistic nutritional consultant. I am pleased that it was Tracey Reed that I chose.
At my age (60) it made little sense to wait for the provincial system to recognize the importance of gut health. Tracey has been able to guide me toward that goal and, in conjunction with Dr. Truong, I am feeling much better.
Tracey’s knowledge of gut health and its importance, proper nutrition to facilitate it and how to put it into practice has been most helpful. I would recommend anyone with auto-immune symptoms to seek Tracey’s guidance.
— C. K.