Looking for a gift idea for that person in your life who is working hard to improve their health.  Or maybe you are that person, and would like to give your loved ones a few hints to help them make a gift choice that will support you towards wellness.


Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook - Bestselling author Mark Hyman M.D. follows his latest book Eat Fat, Get Thin with a cookbook.  Mark has coined the term Pegan diet (Paleo + Vegan), which refers to a diet that is high in plant foods, and where meat is viewed as a condiment rather than the main part of the meal.  His latest book obviously focuses on the health benefits of eating healthy fats, so if you are looking for ways to include those healthy fats into great recipes, then this book is for you.

Against All Grain Celebrations - Danielle Walker has come out with another cookbook where she chronologically lays out beautiful recipes for holidays throughout the year.  Menu plan ideas are included, and the recipes are visually stunning, making them a perfect way to celebrate special days.  She has also included a section for birthday celebrations.  If you enjoy time in the kitchen, making special meals, then this is a good choice.


Kombucha Starter Kit - Kombucha is all the rage right now.  It's tasty, effervescent, and teaming with beneficial organisms for your gut.  Kits are available to get you started and you'll need a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).  You can order a scoby online, grow your own from a store-bought unflavoured kombucha or see if anyone you know has a scoby they can give you.  A starter kit can be a great gift for someone who is already a kombucha enthusiast, or for someone who likes experimenting in the kitchen.

Chocolate - In our home there is always a bit of chocolate in stockings and the kids still love checking the advent calendar each day until Christmas.  There aren't a lot of options when it comes to gut healthy chocolate, but Heavenly Organics has melt-in-your-mouth patties with a creamy honey-chocolate filling.  Individually wrapped, or in packages of 3, these make great stocking stuffers, or can be a treat for yourself and friends at social gatherings.  Check out Heavenly Organics.

Smooth-y-Golden Milk Spice Blend - This spice blend can be added to your favourite milk alternative and heated to create a hot drink that not only satisfies your taste buds, but the golden tumeric has many health properties, including soothing the gut.  It can be sweetened with honey, and makes a great drink for any cold, wintery day, or while enjoying time in front of the fireplace.  This blend is created by Spice Sanctuary.

Honey - Did you know there are hundreds of different honeys?  Types are categorized by their source, and their colour, flavour and aroma differ significantly.  Much of the honey on store shelves is clover honey.  Surprise someone with a bold, dark buckwheat honey, or a pale orange blossom honey.  Visit your local health food store or farmers market to find a variety of distinct, unpasteurized local honey.


Routine Deodorant - Maybe deodorant seems like an odd gift, but when you think of reducing a loved one's exposure to chemicals it makes sense.  Routine is made locally in Calgary and it does a fantastic job of reducing body odour without any of the crazy chemicals.  It comes in a variety of subtle scents for both men and women, as well as unscented (my favourite) and a couple of varieties for those with extra-sensitive skin.  It's sold in many locations throughout Calgary, and is a great stocking stuffer.

Hand Made Soaps - Many health food stores and farmer's markets sell a variety of hand-made soaps.  These come in a unique assortments of scents and are made with an assortment of natural ingredients.  It's nice to wash with soap that has an ingredient list that you could actually eat.  Another good stocking stuffer, or small gift idea.  

Hopefully these ideas will help you with your holiday gift giving, or inspire a few more ideas.

Happy Healthy Shopping and Giving!